Lobster season!

In case you haven’t noticed, lobster is dirt cheap these days. Normally, paying $5.99 per pound for lobster is a great deal and you’d splurge by buying 2 per person. These days I’m getting lobster for under $4 per pound!

There are many ways to prepare lobster: stir fried, deep fried, in a sandwich, boiled, steamed, etc…

My preferred approach is steaming. Lobster comes out very tasty this way. The key to getting all of the meat out is of course to use a lobster cracker thingy (what do you call those?). The first thing to do is break the lobster in half – between the head and shell (sorta the middle length wise). To get the tail piece out, you’d bend and snap the tail fans back/upwards…then you push the meat out of the big end. The claws are straight forward. Don’t forget the best part…the icky green brains (at least thats what I call it) under the head!