Sweet and sour pork from Young Chow Loo at HMart

Wow what a rip off! Over $17 for this dish and it comes with nothing…not even white rice. Here’s the thing, I’ve bought this before and it came with white rice. These guys have gone cheap. They are like the only ones there that doesn’t have the pagers to let you know your order is ready. As a result you see the poor lady walking around and around trying to find out who ordered what. The pork is good but damn, $17.11 and no rice! There are so many good food options for half the price…and those come with rice. Stick to Woojeon!!

Here’s the plate. Everything you see is what I got:


Here’s the receipt:


Instead of getting ripped off, go to Woojeon and get this for $9…look at everything you get. It was so delicious!!



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