Minado sushi buffet – Natick, MA

We come here a few times a year and the food is consistently good. The decor is nice and everything is clean. Expect delicious food along with excellent service.

There is more than enough sushi to satisfy your cravings here. If you have some that prefer hot or cooked foods, the hot foods selection will also impress them.

Plenty of parking and easily accessible off route 9 or the mass pike. They have added two new noodle options at the soup end of the hot foods section. The one thing that disappointed me was that there was no fried shrimp in the tempura platter. I waited for a fresh refilling but was disappointed to see all veggies. It’s dinner and a weekend so I’m surprised the fried shrimp was missing… They usually do this during lunch hours when they charge less. We paid $33 for each adult. Depending on height, kids pay a portion of the adult fee. It’s not cheap for a family or large group to eat here. However, the food seems fresh and clean…It’s like that every time we’ve come here over the years. To some that’s more important than saving a few bucks.

This place is directly across from the Natick mall. Other notable food joints in this same plaza are Minerva and smash burger. The former is an Indian buffet and the latter is a burger joint.














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