Maki of Japan Chicken Teriyaki

I love chicken teriyaki at the mall. I usually do double chicken (they never really give you double the meat!) and extra sauce. The plate with double meat and white rice with the default veggies cost just under $10, including tax. This should feed two adults or one hungry man. FYI: the following picture is not the double meat portion. This is a single/regular portion with extra sauce.


The guy behind me ordered an entree from their hot buffet selection and he laughed when he saw the portions they gave him. I looked at it and agree they are quite stingy with the food.

One tip if you are eating at the Burlington Mall food court…buy your fountain drink from Chick-fil-a. This place gives free refills!! Beware though, Chick-fil-a is super busy. Their food is yummy too.

Duck Choo Chee from Pepper Sky

Not only does this dish look amazing, but the smell and tastes will please as well. For about $9 you get a generous serving of boneless duck with mixed vegetables and rice. The best part about this dish is the sauce. It is so good to drench your rice with the sauce and slurp up any remaining juice. This is definitively one of my new faves and what I crave for around 12pm each afternoon.


Here are more pics of food from Pepper Sky. One thing to avoid is their Shumai. They cost $6.50 plus tax and are tiny! On with the pictures:

Pad thai:

Another shot of duck choo chee:
Below is the sea urchin with beef:

Here are the Shumai. Don’t get this.

Home made bulgogi!

It’s always dangerous when your wife decides to experiment and make a popular dish at home. You come in with high expectation and often leave disappointed. It’s tough to make a popular dish since you know exactly what it should tastes like.

I have to say though, this experiment was a home run! The dish had the right look, smell, and most importantly the right tastes. Screw that. This tastes better than some bulgogi I’ve eaten at some Korean restaurants. No lie.

My wife made these out of steak tips. She also made the marinade from scratch. She followed an online recipe. To top it off, some sesame seeds. On the side is some green veggies. Not sure what kind but that is not important as the main attraction is the meat.




Momogoose’s caramel pork

It’s so hard to plan a group lunch these days. Everyone is so busy. For these kind of days, fast food from the food trucks is jus what we need. Momogoose’s food is always pretty decent and service is so fast. The staff is really friendly as well.

The key is to arrive early for the best selection. My go-to meal was roast pork but they ran out by 12:30. I settled for caramel pork. Not bad. It’s pork, potatoes, onions, carrots and some salad. I added a side of crispy roll. It’s basically a fried spring roll.

All this for $6.50. Can’t ask for more at this price!


Team Potluck!

We had a team potluck today. If anything, it’s further proof that food brings everyone together!

There are many folks from my team who are from India and other neighboring countries. As such, there were lots of vegetarian food. There was a great assortment of other foods from Chinese to Thai. An assortment of desserts rounded out the meal.




Unhealthy Chinese food


That’s exactly what this lunch was all about. Something quick, something dirty…just to satisfy a craving.

It’s your typical food court Chinese food. Lo Mein with beef and broccoli and sesame pork. Only gripe was the pork was so hard to chew. May have been sitting there for a while.

Whatever. I’m not proud of it, but it satisfied a craving.