Steak and cheese, and meatball subs from Al’s Cafe in Cambridge

The subs here are no joke. The large subs are ginormous! It would easily feed 2 people or one person who clearly is over eating. The subs are not super thick but they are super long. Meat quality is never questionable here. One great thing about their meatball sub is that they don’t cut the meatballs in half to spread down the roll. You get full sized meatballs lined up from end to end. I always look forward to going to Al’s Cafe.





Pho Viet’s beef noodle soup and beef short ribs

What a gem! Located within the Super 88 place in Brighton MA. There are many food places in this food court but this is the best. The food tastes amazing and you really get both quality and quantity for your money.

We had the Dac Biet noodle soup, fried spring rolls, and grilled beef short ribs. Everything was excellent and I can’t wait to go back again. The only issue was a piece of hair in my rice…whatever.





Here is the piece of hair from my rice plate. These things happen…and it’s easy to overlook when the food is so good.

Everything you see in this post cost $22.


Updated pictures:







Private Suite at Fenway Park

I was invited to a private suite for a Red Sox game today. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the Red Sox, but I had never been to Fenway Park before. Also, the allure of the private suite and all that it comes with made it that much more special.

Since this is a food blog, I’ll focus on the food and not how the Red Sox did.

First, we were served grilled Italian sausages with onions and red/green peppers, hot dogs, and buffalo wings. Then we ordered a crap load of other stuff: Caesar salad, cheese pizza, steak tips, nachos with chili, chicken quesadillas, clam chowder, chips and dip and more.

Everything was spot on except for the pizza. This was thin and dry. The menu claims that its Papa Gino’s pizza. Well that explains it!

The chicken quesadillas were excellent, as were the steak tips. The fully stocked fridge with all the beer and soda (and water) you can drink was also a welcomed addition. Throw in a few friends and overall, a great experience!