Woods seafood in Plymouth, MA

Not too far from Boston is Plymouth, MA. This is a great place to go for deep sea fishing trips, whale watching, and just eating fresh seafood.

After a long (unsuccessful) deep sea fishing trip, we went to Woods to satisfy my fried seafood craving. Everyone on Yelp raved about this place. It was dubbed “the place the locals go to”. It had to be good right?

We got the seafood platter, oyster plate and some crab cakes. Food was fried to perfection. However, the food had no texture or ‘feel’ to the bite. Imagine biting into a marshmallow – soft but not much effort needed to splice into it. That’s what it was like. Unlike Kellys Roast Beef, the fried clams here didn’t taste like it was covered in sand.

Prices were very reasonable at this place. Service is reasonably quick. Don’t let the long lines fool you as it moves quick. When your food is ready it is placed on the small ordering counter where everyone hovers over your food. As such, pick it up as soon as your number is called.




Kelly’s chicken wings and clam plate

We were exhausted from a long day out with the kids and needed a quick bite. Not just anything, but something that would hit the spot. Lately I’ve had a craving for fried clams and wings…and that’s just what I got. Actually, anything deep fried would’ve hit the spot.

Love the food at Kelly’s but I have to say their claims have some sand. This has happened for the last few clam orders I’ve gotten from then. Happens way more often than not. The clam plate comes with French fries and onion rings. The wings were simply breaded and deep fried. The wings were pretty small sized. $10 for 12 pieces. The clam plate was about $18.



Team Potluck!

We had a team potluck today. If anything, it’s further proof that food brings everyone together!

There are many folks from my team who are from India and other neighboring countries. As such, there were lots of vegetarian food. There was a great assortment of other foods from Chinese to Thai. An assortment of desserts rounded out the meal.




Lobster season!

In case you haven’t noticed, lobster is dirt cheap these days. Normally, paying $5.99 per pound for lobster is a great deal and you’d splurge by buying 2 per person. These days I’m getting lobster for under $4 per pound!

There are many ways to prepare lobster: stir fried, deep fried, in a sandwich, boiled, steamed, etc…

My preferred approach is steaming. Lobster comes out very tasty this way. The key to getting all of the meat out is of course to use a lobster cracker thingy (what do you call those?). The first thing to do is break the lobster in half – between the head and shell (sorta the middle length wise). To get the tail piece out, you’d bend and snap the tail fans back/upwards…then you push the meat out of the big end. The claws are straight forward. Don’t forget the best part…the icky green brains (at least thats what I call it) under the head!