Muqueca Brazilian restaurant

The food turned out a lot better than I thought it would. They specialize in stew that appears to come out in a hot pot…except the pot is not hot.

There are too many varieties to list but the notables are dry meat mix and the seafood mix. The prices on the menu seem reasonable enough but beware. What felt like a $200 meal came out to $440!! It’s not just me being cheap either, everyone else in the party was shocked. It was nice to try once but I can’t see us coming back here as a large group again.

The food was tasty. Everything came with beans and then more beans on the side. I wonder if they gave us these involuntarily to stuff the bill, cause damn did we have a crap load of beans on the table. There was also fried plantain with greens and what appears to be a slices orange. I don’t remember us ordering it but they said it came with our orders (maybe this is why the bill was absurdly high).

For service, the staff were friendly, when they tended to you. We started with drinks but one friend of mine had to ask for a coke 4 times and it didn’t come till we were into our main meal. They claimed the fountain drink thing had to be replaced…but we waited a very long time and had to ask multiple times as it felt they forgot about it.

















I may have been too harsh on the place. These pictures are pretty much everything we got. The food is not bad. Everyone raves about the desserts, actually. The dollar to value is just severely lacking. At least that’s the consensus by everyone when we finished the meal.

S&S Deli in Cambridge MA

This place is pretty good. I’ve seen many delicious dishes come from this place. For one, the S&S pizza. This is what I got today for lunch :




The French toast is amazing . It’s thick and eggy and soft. Has a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top. The breakfast sausage was good too. It also came with a side of fresh fruit.

Go check them out!

Chinese sticky rice with egg and beans

This dinner was homemade by my wife. It was delicious and a big hit with the kids! Sticky rice is not the same as regular white rice… It is sticky (surprise!). In it at Chinese sausages, wood ear mushrooms, baby dried shrimp and scallions. The sticky rice holds it all together. It looks like fried rice but this is more moist compared to fried rice that is dry.


On the side are eggs and veggies.