Braised ribs with spinach from Dumpling House in Cambridge

Lets just get this out of the way: We love this place! Me, the family and my coworkers – nothing but love for Dumpling House. We go here weekly at a minimum.

I wanted to share their braised spareribs with spinach with you. The meat is so soft and tender. The sauce is so rich and flavorful. Just the sauce over the rice is an experience in its own! And then there is a thin layer of spinach at the bottom. I can’t speak highly enough of this plate. It is a must try!

I will also include some other pics from Dumpling House. Their salt and pepper wings are pretty darn good too.





Here are those other pics.







Double Cooked Pork with Soy Sauce Egg

There’s a white food truck a couple of blocks down main street in Kendall Square called Yang food truck. It’s situated on the street right in front of the Quiznos in what is considered Tech Square. You’ll know you found the right truck as there are usually long lines of people…mostly Asians. That’s a good sign. If the Asians like this place then it must be really good or really cheap but still tasty. I’m glad to say the latter is true.

I started out going crazy over their spicy pork over rice for $5. You get a mix of lean and fatty pork that is super spicy. My stomach couldn’t really handle this on a regular basis. I then tried the double cooked pork and fell in love. It’s the same kind of lean/fatty pieces of sliced pork but cooked with cabbage. It’s nothing fancy but it’s very flavorful and just the right amount of spice. Ask for extra meat for $2 more, throw in a soy sauce egg and you’ll have a very good meal for about $8.




This is a small mom and pop run truck. They take cash only and are located near MIT at 610 Main Street in Kendall/Tech Square.

Chinese sticky rice with egg and beans

This dinner was homemade by my wife. It was delicious and a big hit with the kids! Sticky rice is not the same as regular white rice… It is sticky (surprise!). In it at Chinese sausages, wood ear mushrooms, baby dried shrimp and scallions. The sticky rice holds it all together. It looks like fried rice but this is more moist compared to fried rice that is dry.


On the side are eggs and veggies.