Braised pork with preserved vegetables and ginger scallion Salmon

This is a home cooked meal. You can’t ask for a better combination than this. My father in law made the braised pork with preserved vegetables and my wife prepared the ginger scallion salmon. The pork just melts in your mouth like butter. The salmon just tastes special. Everything is so tasty!!








Braised ribs with spinach from Dumpling House in Cambridge

Lets just get this out of the way: We love this place! Me, the family and my coworkers – nothing but love for Dumpling House. We go here weekly at a minimum.

I wanted to share their braised spareribs with spinach with you. The meat is so soft and tender. The sauce is so rich and flavorful. Just the sauce over the rice is an experience in its own! And then there is a thin layer of spinach at the bottom. I can’t speak highly enough of this plate. It is a must try!

I will also include some other pics from Dumpling House. Their salt and pepper wings are pretty darn good too.





Here are those other pics.







Muqueca Brazilian restaurant

The food turned out a lot better than I thought it would. They specialize in stew that appears to come out in a hot pot…except the pot is not hot.

There are too many varieties to list but the notables are dry meat mix and the seafood mix. The prices on the menu seem reasonable enough but beware. What felt like a $200 meal came out to $440!! It’s not just me being cheap either, everyone else in the party was shocked. It was nice to try once but I can’t see us coming back here as a large group again.

The food was tasty. Everything came with beans and then more beans on the side. I wonder if they gave us these involuntarily to stuff the bill, cause damn did we have a crap load of beans on the table. There was also fried plantain with greens and what appears to be a slices orange. I don’t remember us ordering it but they said it came with our orders (maybe this is why the bill was absurdly high).

For service, the staff were friendly, when they tended to you. We started with drinks but one friend of mine had to ask for a coke 4 times and it didn’t come till we were into our main meal. They claimed the fountain drink thing had to be replaced…but we waited a very long time and had to ask multiple times as it felt they forgot about it.

















I may have been too harsh on the place. These pictures are pretty much everything we got. The food is not bad. Everyone raves about the desserts, actually. The dollar to value is just severely lacking. At least that’s the consensus by everyone when we finished the meal.

Sweet and sour pork from Young Chow Loo at HMart

Wow what a rip off! Over $17 for this dish and it comes with nothing…not even white rice. Here’s the thing, I’ve bought this before and it came with white rice. These guys have gone cheap. They are like the only ones there that doesn’t have the pagers to let you know your order is ready. As a result you see the poor lady walking around and around trying to find out who ordered what. The pork is good but damn, $17.11 and no rice! There are so many good food options for half the price…and those come with rice. Stick to Woojeon!!

Here’s the plate. Everything you see is what I got:


Here’s the receipt:


Instead of getting ripped off, go to Woojeon and get this for $9…look at everything you get. It was so delicious!!



Double Cooked Pork with Soy Sauce Egg

There’s a white food truck a couple of blocks down main street in Kendall Square called Yang food truck. It’s situated on the street right in front of the Quiznos in what is considered Tech Square. You’ll know you found the right truck as there are usually long lines of people…mostly Asians. That’s a good sign. If the Asians like this place then it must be really good or really cheap but still tasty. I’m glad to say the latter is true.

I started out going crazy over their spicy pork over rice for $5. You get a mix of lean and fatty pork that is super spicy. My stomach couldn’t really handle this on a regular basis. I then tried the double cooked pork and fell in love. It’s the same kind of lean/fatty pieces of sliced pork but cooked with cabbage. It’s nothing fancy but it’s very flavorful and just the right amount of spice. Ask for extra meat for $2 more, throw in a soy sauce egg and you’ll have a very good meal for about $8.




This is a small mom and pop run truck. They take cash only and are located near MIT at 610 Main Street in Kendall/Tech Square.

Pig Intestines with Mustard Greens from Dumpling House

I wanted something different today. I went with the spicy pig intestine with mustard greens from one of my favorite places in Cambridge. The dish actually had a lot of pig intestines, to my surprise. The mustard greens made the dish a little sour, which I was not expecting. Along with the rice, everything meshed well and it satisfied my craving for something different.


This dish is a lunch special. I think it was #23. It costs about $8.50. Like other dishes from Dumpling House, the portion is really good. I had more than enough to go with the small white rice. I took the leftovers home for dinner.

Mulan’s salt & pepper pork chops

One of my go-to dishes from the only decent Chinese place near my work.

This dish is prepared with salt and peppers as the main ingredients for flavor (surprise!). The pepper however is hot chili peppers that give this dish some kick. On the side we have one crab rangoon and some stir fried veggies. This plate also came with a hot and sour soup and white rice. All for $8.


Momogoose’s caramel pork

It’s so hard to plan a group lunch these days. Everyone is so busy. For these kind of days, fast food from the food trucks is jus what we need. Momogoose’s food is always pretty decent and service is so fast. The staff is really friendly as well.

The key is to arrive early for the best selection. My go-to meal was roast pork but they ran out by 12:30. I settled for caramel pork. Not bad. It’s pork, potatoes, onions, carrots and some salad. I added a side of crispy roll. It’s basically a fried spring roll.

All this for $6.50. Can’t ask for more at this price!