Kimball Farm fried clams

Having been disappointed with my fried seafood fixings from Plymouth the day before, I went to Kimball Farm in Westford, MA. The fried clams were very good. Tasted exactly as it should. The onion rings are made from scratch in front of you while you wait. Ice cream is also made here locally with over 40 favors. Everything was yummy!

Don’t try to substitute fries for onion rings though. Food substitution of any kind is a no-no, even of you offer to pay the difference.

Don’t come here just for the food. They also have (expensive) bumper boat rides, mini golf, hot air balloon rides, driving range, batting cage, and a over priced arcade.






Woods seafood in Plymouth, MA

Not too far from Boston is Plymouth, MA. This is a great place to go for deep sea fishing trips, whale watching, and just eating fresh seafood.

After a long (unsuccessful) deep sea fishing trip, we went to Woods to satisfy my fried seafood craving. Everyone on Yelp raved about this place. It was dubbed “the place the locals go to”. It had to be good right?

We got the seafood platter, oyster plate and some crab cakes. Food was fried to perfection. However, the food had no texture or ‘feel’ to the bite. Imagine biting into a marshmallow – soft but not much effort needed to splice into it. That’s what it was like. Unlike Kellys Roast Beef, the fried clams here didn’t taste like it was covered in sand.

Prices were very reasonable at this place. Service is reasonably quick. Don’t let the long lines fool you as it moves quick. When your food is ready it is placed on the small ordering counter where everyone hovers over your food. As such, pick it up as soon as your number is called.