New Rod Dee Thai food Brookline

I love the food here. The food is always consistently good regardless of which location we go to. Food here actually has flavor. It’s not just something quick they threw together. Your taste buds will find very distinct flavor that mesh together perfectly. I can say enough about how great their food is.

One thing you should know is that this is a cash only joint. There is an ATM inside for convenience. There is no private parking lot but there is street parking (meters). This place is usually pretty busy, which is a good and bad thing. One example downside is that you’ll get one dish first and have to wait 10 minutes for something else to come out. I happened to be dining with my family. My wife was near fine with her tasty basil pad thai before the rest of our dishes came out.

Besides the spicy basil pad Thai, we also got regular pad Thai with crispy chicken. Finally, my go-to dish is the Indonesian fried rice with crispy chicken and a fried egg. To give you an idea of what this is, imagine spicy chicken fried rice with chunks of fried crispy chicken on top and a egg! Check out the pictures.




Braised ribs with spinach from Dumpling House in Cambridge

Lets just get this out of the way: We love this place! Me, the family and my coworkers – nothing but love for Dumpling House. We go here weekly at a minimum.

I wanted to share their braised spareribs with spinach with you. The meat is so soft and tender. The sauce is so rich and flavorful. Just the sauce over the rice is an experience in its own! And then there is a thin layer of spinach at the bottom. I can’t speak highly enough of this plate. It is a must try!

I will also include some other pics from Dumpling House. Their salt and pepper wings are pretty darn good too.





Here are those other pics.







Pre-Xmas grilling

We got some beef loin strips from BJ’s for the adults and picked up the baby chickens for the kids. These are probably called Cornish hens..?

For the steak we used a simple sea salt and black pepper coating. We used a chicken run on the little birds. We split the birds via the breast for easier grilling.

The steaks were around $30 for 4 slabs. The 2 chickens were about $7.

Nothing special but here are the pics:





Maki of Japan Chicken Teriyaki

I love chicken teriyaki at the mall. I usually do double chicken (they never really give you double the meat!) and extra sauce. The plate with double meat and white rice with the default veggies cost just under $10, including tax. This should feed two adults or one hungry man. FYI: the following picture is not the double meat portion. This is a single/regular portion with extra sauce.


The guy behind me ordered an entree from their hot buffet selection and he laughed when he saw the portions they gave him. I looked at it and agree they are quite stingy with the food.

One tip if you are eating at the Burlington Mall food court…buy your fountain drink from Chick-fil-a. This place gives free refills!! Beware though, Chick-fil-a is super busy. Their food is yummy too.

Fried Chicken from State Park, Cambridge MA

The place is known for their fried chicken. You walk in and see the bar but there are actually plenty of tables inside and out. We were there for lunch on a weekday and it didn’t seem too busy. Two Asian girls run the place and they are friendly and helpful.

On to the chicken…the regular is tobasco honey and there is the spicier Nashville hot fried chicken. I had the tobasco honey and it was delicious. The flavor was not marinated into the chicken meat but the skin is smothered with this sweet flavor. I didn’t taste any tobasco flavor at all…and that’s okay cause it would feel like I’m eating buffalo wings.

The chicken itself is very juicy inside and seemed to have been cooked just right. An order comes with a thigh, drum stick, and breast. They are small pieces so don’t worry about getting too full. The dish comes with some perfectly cooked collard greens on the side. They are not too soft or too raw tasting. I also ordered a coke but it tasted kind of flat.

If you haven’t tried this place and their fried chicken you should do it at least once. It costs like $16-$18 a plate though.