Pre-Xmas grilling

We got some beef loin strips from BJ’s for the adults and picked up the baby chickens for the kids. These are probably called Cornish hens..?

For the steak we used a simple sea salt and black pepper coating. We used a chicken run on the little birds. We split the birds via the breast for easier grilling.

The steaks were around $30 for 4 slabs. The 2 chickens were about $7.

Nothing special but here are the pics:





Spikes junkyard dogs and stack a burger

First off, the service is good here. I have 3 Groupons and they accommodated three separate transactions with no problem. Now I don’t have to make multiple trips to use them up.

My family didn’t enjoy the chili cheese dog but my triple stack BBQ bacon cheeseburger was good. They made it just like I would’ve done it in my own back yard grill. The kids meal hot dogs were fine. The dogs were big, Costco like.






Red Bones BBQ catering

We spent $220 and did not get a lot of food. We ordered off their catering menu. The food was good…just not much of it for what you pay. If you really really want BBQ then go with them. Otherwise you can get a much better deal elsewhere.

We ordered the St. Louise ribs, brisket, pulled pork and chicken, sausages, Mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes.

The brisket was very lean so a little dry. The ribs had a burnt coating but I think that was by design. The sausages were excellent, as were the pulled chicken. Sides were decent.