Cabots Ice Cream and Restaurant

Had brunch here for the first time. Small restaurant that’s similar to Friendlys. Prices are very reasonable. Service seems good but we waited so very long to get our order. It didn’t seem like anyone else around had to wait so long. We didn’t order anything special either, just two omelettes and a waffle. Skip the Coke. It didn’t taste right at all. The food was about what I expected. The potatoes that came with the omelettes are cool. They look like potato chips.






Bacon cheeseburgers to wrap up summer

Summer just ended and we had one last hurrah with some bacon cheeseburgers (not like I don’t grill through the year anyways). I just want to provide this tip: apply a layer of cheese on top of the bacon. This will help the package hold together very well. It will also form a good sticky platform for the next layer of goodies, such as lettuce and tomatoes. Don’t forget the jalapeños and auntie Mae’s Sweet BBQ sauce (from Costco).




Airport food @ Jerry Remy’s

Even though I’m at the airport, I expected more from this meal. Jerry Remy’s is a sit down restaurant with waiters and a bar. As such I expected a burger that would taste better than McDonalds.

As you can see in the picture it doesn’t look that appetizing. The French fries, however, are pretty good. They taste like they were just taken out of the fryer.

As I waited for my burger I noticed several folks ordered their gigantic hot dogs. Maybe I should’ve gotten that I instead? Its something to make me want to come back here next time.