New Rod Dee Thai food Brookline

I love the food here. The food is always consistently good regardless of which location we go to. Food here actually has flavor. It’s not just something quick they threw together. Your taste buds will find very distinct flavor that mesh together perfectly. I can say enough about how great their food is.

One thing you should know is that this is a cash only joint. There is an ATM inside for convenience. There is no private parking lot but there is street parking (meters). This place is usually pretty busy, which is a good and bad thing. One example downside is that you’ll get one dish first and have to wait 10 minutes for something else to come out. I happened to be dining with my family. My wife was near fine with her tasty basil pad thai before the rest of our dishes came out.

Besides the spicy basil pad Thai, we also got regular pad Thai with crispy chicken. Finally, my go-to dish is the Indonesian fried rice with crispy chicken and a fried egg. To give you an idea of what this is, imagine spicy chicken fried rice with chunks of fried crispy chicken on top and a egg! Check out the pictures.




Lilly’s Kitchen Waltham MA review

I don’t have high standards. I knew I was getting Chinese takeout from a place that has only 2.5 stars. However they still an aged to disappoint me. I got a large pu pu platter and a small lobster sauce for $25.80.

I braved the snow storm to go pick it up. I arrive and the young girl at the register has her back to the store front. She’s playing with her iPhone. I wait to see how long it takes. Finally a lady from the kitchen side comes and greets me. On my way back home I was so excited thinking of the pu pu platter! Everything about the food was wrong and bad. I am a father and this was to feed two adults and two kids. I felt bad that I had to give them this food. This was beyond low quality. Chinese food is hit or miss from places like this…but how do you mess up this bad?

The 2 beef teriyaki sticks had very small and short pieces of beef on them. This can’t be regulation!

The fried shrimps were not edible as the dough on the inside was not even cooked all the way through. See the pictures.

The 6 or 7 pieces of boneless spare ribs were way over cooked and dry. It’s like nawing on wood. This must be what it’s like to be a beaver.

The wings were okay.

The fingers were stubby shirt fingers. 2 had undercooked dough and 2 were well done.

The egg rolls were almost vegetarian. The main distinction between an egg roll and spring roll is the pieces of pork in an egg roll. There were probably 2 small pieces in each egg roll. It tasted so bland and blah.

I didn’t have any crab ran goons so I will reserve comment.

The lobster sauce was basically minced pork soup! There is no gravy. It’s just pork in water!

Overall, we have been here several times before. This is an all time worse…enough so that we likely won’t be going back.