Pre-Xmas grilling

We got some beef loin strips from BJ’s for the adults and picked up the baby chickens for the kids. These are probably called Cornish hens..?

For the steak we used a simple sea salt and black pepper coating. We used a chicken run on the little birds. We split the birds via the breast for easier grilling.

The steaks were around $30 for 4 slabs. The 2 chickens were about $7.

Nothing special but here are the pics:





ANI Takeout in Belmont, MA

My wife found this place on Yelp. Turns out this place has near perfect reviews and is super close by. We gave it a shot this evening…I was craving some kabobs anyways.

The food was pretty good. We both ordered beef kabob dinners, except I substituted the salad for their French fries. The rice was good, as was the beef. The beef is grilled and cooked perfectly. The rice was fluffy, light and slightly buttery. I don’t eat hummus but my wife said it was good. The French fries were killer good. It is crispy like how Burger King used to do it.

This appears to be a small family owned business. The older man took my order and had no problems giving me fries instead of salad. The younger man was the main guy responsible for assembling all of their wraps and packing the delivery orders. He is very friendly and I noticed he switched off to new rubber gloves very frequently to avoid contamination. There’s no question that these guys handle this business very cleanly. I also heard great communication between the three folks running the establishment. These guys mean business and it is obvious they take pride in this establishment. By the way, don’t let the restaurant name fool you. They now have a new dining area. Parking on Belmont street shouldn’t be too difficult either.

I’ll share some pictures of our dinner below. One negative is that one order got noticeably more beef kabob than the other. Not sure how that happened. These two dinner plates costs us $28.









Update: The restaurant saw my review and reached out to me on this. They have surpassed my expectations in making it right. Again, great people working here, serving delicious food. My second trip here and I got chicken kebabs. They were so good! It was not dry but rather moist and flavorful. It’s a must try!