Izzy’s Puerto Rican food in Cambridge

The menu looks great. The prices are cheap. I really wanted to like this place. I ordered the stewed goat over yellow rice. The rice had a strange flavor I can’t describe. The goat has a very gamey taste. It’s quite strong actually. The order was like $10 and comes with bread and beans and fried plantains. The bread was sadly my favorite part of the meal.




Below are some other items our party ordered. Stewed beef, fish appetizer, chicken and cheese roll:





Sweet and sour pork from Young Chow Loo at HMart

Wow what a rip off! Over $17 for this dish and it comes with nothing…not even white rice. Here’s the thing, I’ve bought this before and it came with white rice. These guys have gone cheap. They are like the only ones there that doesn’t have the pagers to let you know your order is ready. As a result you see the poor lady walking around and around trying to find out who ordered what. The pork is good but damn, $17.11 and no rice! There are so many good food options for half the price…and those come with rice. Stick to Woojeon!!

Here’s the plate. Everything you see is what I got:


Here’s the receipt:


Instead of getting ripped off, go to Woojeon and get this for $9…look at everything you get. It was so delicious!!



Spikes junkyard dogs and stack a burger

First off, the service is good here. I have 3 Groupons and they accommodated three separate transactions with no problem. Now I don’t have to make multiple trips to use them up.

My family didn’t enjoy the chili cheese dog but my triple stack BBQ bacon cheeseburger was good. They made it just like I would’ve done it in my own back yard grill. The kids meal hot dogs were fine. The dogs were big, Costco like.






Red Bones BBQ catering

We spent $220 and did not get a lot of food. We ordered off their catering menu. The food was good…just not much of it for what you pay. If you really really want BBQ then go with them. Otherwise you can get a much better deal elsewhere.

We ordered the St. Louise ribs, brisket, pulled pork and chicken, sausages, Mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes.

The brisket was very lean so a little dry. The ribs had a burnt coating but I think that was by design. The sausages were excellent, as were the pulled chicken. Sides were decent.





Fried Chicken from State Park, Cambridge MA

The place is known for their fried chicken. You walk in and see the bar but there are actually plenty of tables inside and out. We were there for lunch on a weekday and it didn’t seem too busy. Two Asian girls run the place and they are friendly and helpful.

On to the chicken…the regular is tobasco honey and there is the spicier Nashville hot fried chicken. I had the tobasco honey and it was delicious. The flavor was not marinated into the chicken meat but the skin is smothered with this sweet flavor. I didn’t taste any tobasco flavor at all…and that’s okay cause it would feel like I’m eating buffalo wings.

The chicken itself is very juicy inside and seemed to have been cooked just right. An order comes with a thigh, drum stick, and breast. They are small pieces so don’t worry about getting too full. The dish comes with some perfectly cooked collard greens on the side. They are not too soft or too raw tasting. I also ordered a coke but it tasted kind of flat.

If you haven’t tried this place and their fried chicken you should do it at least once. It costs like $16-$18 a plate though.





Pho Viet’s beef noodle soup and beef short ribs

What a gem! Located within the Super 88 place in Brighton MA. There are many food places in this food court but this is the best. The food tastes amazing and you really get both quality and quantity for your money.

We had the Dac Biet noodle soup, fried spring rolls, and grilled beef short ribs. Everything was excellent and I can’t wait to go back again. The only issue was a piece of hair in my rice…whatever.





Here is the piece of hair from my rice plate. These things happen…and it’s easy to overlook when the food is so good.

Everything you see in this post cost $22.


Updated pictures: