Babycakes mini pie maker

We had such great results with Babycakes cake pop maker that we couldn’t pass the mini pie maker with out taking one home. This thing does exactly as it sounds – makes 4 miniature pies. It comes with 2 plastic shape cutters for you to cut the perfect bottom and top pie crust pieces. The unit itself heats up the top and bottom non stick plates simultaneously for expedited and even cooking. The idea is you cook the filling first on the stove top and use this to cook the crust.

Heres a tip: don’t open the lid until you give it a good chance to cook the crusts first. Take a look at the pics. 20120930-135058.jpg20120930-135111.jpg20120930-135150.jpg




Private Suite at Fenway Park

I was invited to a private suite for a Red Sox game today. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the Red Sox, but I had never been to Fenway Park before. Also, the allure of the private suite and all that it comes with made it that much more special.

Since this is a food blog, I’ll focus on the food and not how the Red Sox did.

First, we were served grilled Italian sausages with onions and red/green peppers, hot dogs, and buffalo wings. Then we ordered a crap load of other stuff: Caesar salad, cheese pizza, steak tips, nachos with chili, chicken quesadillas, clam chowder, chips and dip and more.

Everything was spot on except for the pizza. This was thin and dry. The menu claims that its Papa Gino’s pizza. Well that explains it!

The chicken quesadillas were excellent, as were the steak tips. The fully stocked fridge with all the beer and soda (and water) you can drink was also a welcomed addition. Throw in a few friends and overall, a great experience!






Guru the caterer in Someville, MA

The folks at work come to Guru all the time for Indian food. I am so glad I joined them today. Most of my team are from India so this place had to be good. Take a look at the pics – I was not disappointed!

The menu is light for lunch. Only a few entrees are available. Same goes for the veggie sides. It also comes with rice and nan. For $10 I got the lamb curry with potatoes and peas. The spicy lamb was cooked perfectly. The potatoes and peas were good as well and had a little sweet flavor. Both came with amazing sauce to dip in or eat the rice with. I can’t wait for my next trip to Guru!






Humongous Asian scallops

I’m not sure what this is. My mom came back from Chinatown with a bunch of these enormous things on a huge shell. It’s some combination of scallops and oyster. The orange sack is the oyster like part. It looks like a sac of something, but it’s actually solid when bitten into. The big white part is the scallop part. There is also a spirally thingy on the side. Not sure if you can see it from the picture. That part is more chewy than anything else.

Bottom line is that you’d enjoy this mutated “scallop-ster” if you’re a fan of raw seafood. Mine was cooked with stuff on it though. That stuff is to flavor the dish and to ensure it doesn’t tastes too fishy. Whatever, I prefer my seafood battered and deep fried.




Ponzu Chinese food

We had a Groupon for Ponzu in Waltham, MA expiring soon so we went and checked this place out. It’s very hard to find parking on Moody street during dinner hours!

As for Ponzu, the place was wreaking of gas smell…like if you left the gas on from your stove. Once you get past that, the ambiance is nothing special. Seating arrangements were pretty good – plenty of room and lots tables. There is also a bar.

The food was just meh. We had general gau chicken, seafood noodles for the kiddo, and some eel plate for the wifey. Again, food was a little bland. Nothing about the food was memorable. That means we are not going back.




Bacon cheeseburgers to wrap up summer

Summer just ended and we had one last hurrah with some bacon cheeseburgers (not like I don’t grill through the year anyways). I just want to provide this tip: apply a layer of cheese on top of the bacon. This will help the package hold together very well. It will also form a good sticky platform for the next layer of goodies, such as lettuce and tomatoes. Don’t forget the jalapeƱos and auntie Mae’s Sweet BBQ sauce (from Costco).