Kimball Farm fried clams

Having been disappointed with my fried seafood fixings from Plymouth the day before, I went to Kimball Farm in Westford, MA. The fried clams were very good. Tasted exactly as it should. The onion rings are made from scratch in front of you while you wait. Ice cream is also made here locally with over 40 favors. Everything was yummy!

Don’t try to substitute fries for onion rings though. Food substitution of any kind is a no-no, even of you offer to pay the difference.

Don’t come here just for the food. They also have (expensive) bumper boat rides, mini golf, hot air balloon rides, driving range, batting cage, and a over priced arcade.






Woods seafood in Plymouth, MA

Not too far from Boston is Plymouth, MA. This is a great place to go for deep sea fishing trips, whale watching, and just eating fresh seafood.

After a long (unsuccessful) deep sea fishing trip, we went to Woods to satisfy my fried seafood craving. Everyone on Yelp raved about this place. It was dubbed “the place the locals go to”. It had to be good right?

We got the seafood platter, oyster plate and some crab cakes. Food was fried to perfection. However, the food had no texture or ‘feel’ to the bite. Imagine biting into a marshmallow – soft but not much effort needed to splice into it. That’s what it was like. Unlike Kellys Roast Beef, the fried clams here didn’t taste like it was covered in sand.

Prices were very reasonable at this place. Service is reasonably quick. Don’t let the long lines fool you as it moves quick. When your food is ready it is placed on the small ordering counter where everyone hovers over your food. As such, pick it up as soon as your number is called.




Airport food @ Jerry Remy’s

Even though I’m at the airport, I expected more from this meal. Jerry Remy’s is a sit down restaurant with waiters and a bar. As such I expected a burger that would taste better than McDonalds.

As you can see in the picture it doesn’t look that appetizing. The French fries, however, are pretty good. They taste like they were just taken out of the fryer.

As I waited for my burger I noticed several folks ordered their gigantic hot dogs. Maybe I should’ve gotten that I instead? Its something to make me want to come back here next time.



Best corn on earth

Locally grown hand picked corn from a farm. Who knew it could tastes that much better? These are from Wilson’s farms in Lexington, MA. $2 for half a dozen and well worth it.

These corn are beautiful. Taking the leaves off the corn reveals fresh, perfectly yellow and white corn. It is plump and just looks so healthy. Throw these babies in boiling water for three minutes and eat while still warm. No butter or salt needed. These are naturally sweet and have a good juicy crunch to them. Perfect!




Home made bulgogi!

It’s always dangerous when your wife decides to experiment and make a popular dish at home. You come in with high expectation and often leave disappointed. It’s tough to make a popular dish since you know exactly what it should tastes like.

I have to say though, this experiment was a home run! The dish had the right look, smell, and most importantly the right tastes. Screw that. This tastes better than some bulgogi I’ve eaten at some Korean restaurants. No lie.

My wife made these out of steak tips. She also made the marinade from scratch. She followed an online recipe. To top it off, some sesame seeds. On the side is some green veggies. Not sure what kind but that is not important as the main attraction is the meat.




Mulan’s salt & pepper pork chops

One of my go-to dishes from the only decent Chinese place near my work.

This dish is prepared with salt and peppers as the main ingredients for flavor (surprise!). The pepper however is hot chili peppers that give this dish some kick. On the side we have one crab rangoon and some stir fried veggies. This plate also came with a hot and sour soup and white rice. All for $8.


Spaghetti and meatballs (and chicken wings!)

I’ve been victimized by the not-all-you-can-eat-for-one-price buffet today. I saw spaghetti and juicy meatballs…then some nice looking chicken off on the side. I did what any normal person would do and got both. Why limit myself? I deserved it. But gosh, this thing got weighed and it cost $11. That’s not what I was thinking of when I was eating it but now that I’m done…